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What a wonderful day it was as the congregation came together yet again to join each other in fellowship to worship and praise our heavenly God. As usual when the clock strikes 11 Pastor N.Tuanglang comes up to the podium, greets the congregation and reads a scripture from the of Isaiah. Thereafter, he gave a short speech on how wonderful God was by giving us his only son, Jesus Christ, to wash  away all of our sins. He then prayed and dedicated the service to the God above and asked him to guide us all the way.

After the prayer, the praise and worship team took the stage and led the congregation in praising God through some songs, these songs were : 

  1. Kei Ding A Hong Si Hi
  2. Jesu Minlian Phat Chiat Ni E
  3. Khrist Sisan Pha Tuibang Hong Luang (mass prayer)
  4. Aw Hongngai ung Laukha Siangthou

While we sang this song of Praise, Offerings were collected and after the song Upa Ngulminthang dedicated the offering to our Lord. This was followed by some announcement from the Local Church Committee.

HOLY COMMUNION AND SERMON : Pastor Tuanglang began his sermon by reading our verses from : 

  1. Luke 22:7-20
  2. I Corinthians 11: 23-26

As Christians, receiving Holy Communion and hearing sermons on the importance of it would be something that we have heard it so many times. However, in order to maintain our closeness with God and remember the salvation that we receive through the death of Jesus Christ we need to do this again today. He stress how the safest place one can be is no other place but in God our heavenly father, this he elaborate by giving an example about a recent problem that he experience when he meet with an accident while driving.

He then moves on to explain how the pass over supper came to be, where he takes us back to when Moses asked all the Israelites to sacrifice a lamb and paint over their doors. That was how when the angel of God came down on earth to kill the eldest sons of Egypt, passed over those houses with the blood of the lamb over the door and with that the next morning they were set free. As such for us it is the blood of Jesus Christ which has kept all of us secure in this world.

Pastor Tuanglang asks us to remember three important things about the birth of Jesus Christ and to keep these in mind when we receive the Holy Communion today, these are :

  • How wonderful the birth of Jesus Christ was that even the lowest of the lowest people, which are the shepherd, were among the first to see him and had the chance to meet him.
  • With that how the wisest of men travelled long distance to bow down before him.
  • Further how he died on the cross, the highest form of punishment one could be given at that time, so that all our sin would be washed way.

These points, he says, demonstrates how all of us sinners, both the lowest and the highest among us, received salvation through his sacrifices. He then tells us how if one did not treat this Holy Communion with respect it could even lead to death just like the scriptures from Corinthian says. He says that the practice of receiving Holy Communion is like receiving the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ. If one reads the Gospel of Luke, we can know that Jesus would be coming again and that the real heavenly communion with him would happen again.

He then reads a scripture from I Corinthians 6:11 and tells us how these verse actually tells us how Jesus has asked us to Praise and Worship him in full Spirit and body because he has saved and bought us through his flesh and blood. With this he ended the days sermon.

He then with the help of the church elders led us in receiving the Holy Communion. 

"Ni tum Ngeilou Zion Khopi" was sung as the closing song and the service ended with a Benediction by Pastor N. Tuanglang.


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