Apart from the full time missionaries employed, EBC Church Hq is engaged in partnership with other organizations like Friends Missionary Prayer Band (FMPB), Indian Evangelical Mission (IEM), Maharastra Village Ministires (MVM), Serve in Mission (SIM), etc.


In accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding, EBC Church Hq bears a portion of the salaries of FMPB missionaries in selected fields. A seat of such mission located in Batala, Punjab is assigned under the special care of EBC Church Delhi. The execution thereof is done with the local fund and resources. This is over and above the regular financial burden born with FMPB. At times a two wheeler is gifted and PA system at the other. All through a steady stream of communication flows between Batala and Delhi to ensure timely plugging of gaps financially and physically.

The Mission at Batala conducted Outreached Satsang programs at five different places, Church elders Training at Diwaniwal village and Sarje Chak Village and Believers Training programs at Sekhwa church and Chak
Yakub village. The Mel Gibson directed biblical drama, “The Passion Of The Christ” was screened at three places during the Passion week and Good Friday and Easter Sunday programs were conducted very meaningfully in all the sub centers where our Sunday Services are going on.

With constant prayers prominent member Mrs. Sandeep was blessed with a baby boy; and Mrs. Veero was healed of eyesight problem.

Walking hand in hand with the 4 local evangelists the mission visited 3 new villages and brought 61 lost souls to God.


The Church came in contact with Evan Paul Pauzakham in 2007 when he was busy finding a foothold in Sangam Vihar, Delhi. Fresh from Bible College in Haryana, he wished to establish communication with the religious leaders and common people of the Muslim community to communicate his appreciation of the religion and establish a congenial atmosphere for a healthy debate on philosophy and religion. Till that time he supported himself. From 2008 onwards the Church provided help in prayer, finance and in resource. The Moonlight Co-Action Training Centre (M-CATA) is a watershed institution that generates both appreciation and criticism.

For 2014-16 Paul has a plan to undertake activities like morning devotion, parents’ motivation, evangelistic programme, jannnat conference, moonlight family conference and Sunday kids club. He might have the full support of a handful of people who appreciate his work or he might not, but the Church has assured continuation of support.

Church Address

Church Address & Pastor Qtr.:
Plot No 16, Pocket 6
Dwarka Sector 1A
New Delhi - 110 045

Contact Info

Pastor N Tuang Lang - +91-9811343689
Pastor H. Biakson - +91-9711864037

Service Time

Personal Counseling: 9:30am - 10:30am
First Service: 11:00am - 1:00pm
Second Service: 2:00pm Onwards

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