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Music, which is integral to conventional worship and a group of singers prove to be helpful in the smooth conduct of worship. Youngsters with potential and willingness are imparted lessons in tonic solfa, keyboard, guitar and others from time to time.

Corporate worship requires a group of committed singers and musicians to lead the congregation with hymns and music. Talent or experience is not the primary condition. With the maxim, ‘You don’t have to be a star to be in my team’, parishioners are called upon to come forward.

Worship team bang ahia?

I. Worship Team bang ahia?:

Worship Team ichih chiang in akizatna leh mohpuakna zil in genchet theih dan tuamtuam om ding hi. Tu hun a eiten i zatdan ua pan etin Worship Team tuh Pathian biakkhawmna hun a phatna lasak leh thumkhawmna hon makaih tute genna ahi. Huaiziakin, Worship Team tuh phatna lasakna leh biakna-thumna tungtawn a mipite (congregation) leh Pathian kaal a palai (makaitu) ahi.

II. Worship Team manphatna khenkhat-te:

  1. Mipite’ lungsim munkhat a gawmkhawmtu ahi.
  2. Mipite’ lungsim hongtu vanzat/nasep poimoh mahmah ahi.
  3. Biakna hing hong pian theihna ding a ‘khuam’ poimoh mahmah ahi.
  4. Mimal chih te’n ahihna bangbang uh Pathian’ lama aki pulaak theihna uh vanzat ahi.
  5. Biakna nuam tehna poimoh pen Worship Team kizatna ahi.

III. Worship Team mohpuakna:

  1. Biakkhawmna hun a phatna lasakna leh thumkhawmna makaih gige ding.
  2. Lasakkhawm dingte telsa neih gige ding leh tuate etlawkna (practice) hoihtak neih gige ding.
  3. A poimoh zil a mipi ma-a dinkhiak ding – patna lam a mipi mai a dingkhia a laa pii ding; tawpna laa pen a tuh mipi mai a va dinkhiak chitchiat louh a pii leng poilou.
  4. Thilpiakte latna hun sung a mipi dinsak akilawm.
  5. Thumkhawmna point ding kichian tak neih ding.
  6. Thumna toh mahni leh biakna pumpi kilatkhiak gige ding.
  7. Music instrument te manphatak a zat ding leh kepbit ding – a kepna bawm (box) di ua kibawl te a koihhoih zel ding.

IV. Worship Team member hihtheihna dingte:

  1. Piangthaksa, ginna a piching, Pathian’ min thupina ding a hinkhua kizang ut mi ahih ding.
  2. Phatna lasak lunglut mi ahih ding.
  3. Omdan leh gamtat kilawm chiing mi ahih ding.
  4. Kisak-kholhna (practice) dia hun pengap mi ahih ding.
  5. Thum-mi ahih ding.

V. Worship Team Convenor leh Song Leader mohpuakna:

Convenor  - Worship Team memberte khateng a fellowship neihpih ding.

  1. Worship Team memberte’ kipumkhatna leh pankhawmna etkai a bawlhoih sawmgige ding.
  2. Worship Team member list hoihtak etkol ding.    
  3. Member thakte vaidawnna leh a pawtkhe te khakna hun zatpih ding.  
  4. Worship Team toh kisai kipahna/haksatna Pastor/Music incharge (TBSUC) kiang a tut pahpah ding.

SongLeader - Biakna kikhop hun a lapitu a pang ding.

  1. Biakna kikhop hun a diing lateel sehsa neih gige ding (sak masak leh nanung ding).
  2. Lapii hun a lasak ding te etlawkna (practice) makaih ding.
  3. Music tum dingte leh laa part sa dingte seh ding.

Church Address

Church Address & Pastor Qtr.:
Plot No 16, Pocket 6
Dwarka Sector 1A
New Delhi - 110 045

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Pastor N Tuang Lang - +91-9811343689
Pastor H. Biakson - +91-9711864037
Email: pastor@ebccdelhi.org

Service Time

Personal Counseling: 9:30am - 10:30am
First Service: 11:00am - 1:00pm
Second Service: 2:00pm Onwards

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