In the changing environment and an increasing dependence on gadgets in a metropolitan city like Delhi, ministry through the media is indispensable.

About Media

On 17th October, 2010 the official website of the Church was launched. The website has since become the resource centre for obtaining-

  • contact details of the Pastor and other office bearers of the Church;
  • programmes and planned activities;
  • bulletins;
  • audio, video and written records of worship services especially sermons;
  • personal counsel from the Pastor, etc.


Thangkhansiam Naulak 9871337161 Administrator
Paukhanchin Khuptong 9560436836 Audio Recording
Ginsuan Haulai 8802161416 Audio Recording
Sonmuan @ Steve Valte 9873240147 Videographer
G Donglalsiam 9971140971 Videographer
Singbiaklian Guite 7838067381 Photographer/Cameraman
H. Liankhanlam 9958164903 Photographer/Cameraman
Pauminlian Tangpua 9953608268 Photographer/Cameraman
Sumthanlian Suantak 8860188616 Content Writer
Kapgoulian Vualzong 9999391461 Content Writer
Lhingenniang 9999553207 Content Writer
Nenem Guite 9711394776 Content Writer
Esther Chiinngaihnem 9958736398 Content Writer
H Kamlianmung 9774749753 Content Writer
Khamboi Singson 9654143962  Content Writer
Mercy Chinghaukim 8506916773 Content Writer
Niangngaihkim 9711512775 Content Writer
Summinlun Vualnam 9821553542 Content Writer
Lamdeihkim 8376898902 Content Writer
G Thangkhansuan 8472011758 Content Writer

Church Address

Church Address & Pastor Qtr.:
Plot No 16, Pocket 6
Dwarka Sector 1A
New Delhi - 110 045

Contact Info

Pastor N Tuang Lang - +91-9811343689
Pastor H. Biakson - +91-9711864037

Service Time

Personal Counseling: 9:30am - 10:30am
First Service: 11:00am - 1:00pm
Second Service: 2:00pm Onwards

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