Worship Service Write-up


1st January Service Write up


The worship started off with a dedication of the day's proceedings in the hands of God by Pastor Biakson following which the worship team led us in praise and worship. The congregation offered praise to HIM through these songs : 

  1. Non Vualzawlna
  2. Toupa Hoih hi
  3. Aw Vanglianpen
  4. Jesu kiangah ka bit ding       
  5. Tung Pathian sehsa damsung
  6. Vangam nuam

This was followed with an offertory prayer by Elder Thangkhosiam Tonsing and New Year greetings from Elder T Thianzakham.

Elder T Thianzakham basing his message on Isaiah 40:30,31 ; Ephesians 6:9,10 highlighted on the mercy of God and his great works that we are able to witness the dawn of a new year. He further emphasized on the purpose God has in store for us in the year ahead of us. He laid out an important question to the congregation to ponder i\on, "Why am I alive to see the new year while many of my friends and families and others better than me have not been able to see this day?" To this he said that God is giving you a new chance, a new opportunity to repent and do better and not be weary of doing good things for the service of God.

The thought provoking and purposeful message was followed by a melodious choir from the Baptist Youth Fellowship to which they sang the hymnal "LORD LEAD ME ON " and a recitation of Psalm 90:1-12 by the sunday school teachers.

The message for the day was delivered by Pastor Tuanglang and the centre theme of it was "Growth of a born again Christian" growth in body, mind and spirit, growth that is inculcated from the receiving of salvation. The theme was taken from the passage 1 Peter 2:2 and supplemented by 2 Timothy 2:16,17. The basic foundation for a Christian growth he said is the reading of the Bible and relentless prayer and to which the love for God will be inculcated. As a new born baby he said that every Christian born of Christ should desire the sincere milk of the world. To this he took an analogy from a new born baby who is crying for mother's milk and he emphasized on the importance of a mother's milk for the growth of a baby. The baby without proper milk (adulterated) can lead to various disabilities and unhealthy growth. Likewise, in order to experience a healthy growth we as Christians should always feed ourselves with the word of God. The Bible is useful in every way, it is this bible that will separate a Christian from the world. He further warned of the danger of depending on the word of others or experts. He said that the bible should be the only basis for a Christian life and that all the teachings of others are supplementary of the Bilble.

He then draws the attention of the congregation towards an important question, "What restricts your spiritual growth?" To this he said that Satan is in relentless pursue to draw you away from having an intimate relationship with God and grow in Him. He devices various ways to distract you away from God's word and it is impossible for a human being alone to resist such temptation. This requires us the help of God in our everyday life which comes through prayer. Drawing from the advice given by Jesus to his disciple (Luke 22:46) he said that it requires fervent prayer so that a Christian may not fall into temptation.

The pastor then reiterated that with reading of the bible and a constant prayer will come the fruit of it, i.e. the love for God which is the greatest commandment. This love for God will further be followed by lover towards other human beings. The love for man/relatives he said will come simultaneously if we truly love God. This will subsequently solve all human conflicts even between enemies. It is important to love God first and God should always be the first priority in a Christian life.

The sermon from the Pastor was helmed by a melodious presentation from Nu Lianlunching with a song, TOUPA NA HOIHLUA HI.

In a gist, the day's message is to read the bible, praying without ceasing and love God with all your heart, with all your mind and with all your soul.

The service ends with a call to worship by the congregation singing, Toupa aw kei hon len in and benediction by Pastor Biakson.

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