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Evening Worship Service, 2pm,10th Dec 17

10th December 2016

Evening Worship Service


Sharing by Local Upa V Vumlunmang

"May the congregation put aside all the negativity and bitterness which we might have, and open up our hearts to the Almighty and listen to what message He is going to deliver us this evening.

I have talked about how the Christian life is challenging in this metropolitan city, are we unprepared gladiators and how much we explore the capital city at the Siamsinpawlpi fresher’s meet. What I am going to share today is a continuation of my message that day. All of us definitely is having aims, it can range from as simple as having two full meal a day to as great as becoming an astronaut. What we want to discuss today is how much effort are we willing to give for achieving our aim? I feel that this is an important topic to talk about because most of us today are not much action oriented. Rev.B Chinkhengoupau has talked about “faith without action” which many preachers often missed. Let us give a deep thought about this. Let us try to answer our question, i.e. how much effort are we willing to give to achieve our aims and goals? based on temporal and eternal perspective.

As a student when the academic session starts, there are many events coming up like fresher’s party, college fest and more which can create confusion and distraction in us. If we look at the eternal side of us, our Christian life in the city itself is different with how it is back at home. Not attending the Sunday service would be quite obvious in our hometown, but in this city, nobody will bother you. Attending the Sunday service is good but we need to have a clear-cut motive whether we are focusing on the eternal or the temporal. Let us take an example of the ladies, most of them are concerned about their dress, how good they look, but this is a temporal issue. We would rather be concerned about how am I going to benefit the service and use them in my life, and for my eternal life. It would be great if parents prepare their mind and their children’s to seep in the bread of life rather than how they are going to dress up, which are temporal.

Physical fitness is another vital part of our lives. We need to be healthy and fit so that we can study hard enough to attain our aims, work loyally in an office and even bear the scorching heat of Delhi.If we see most of the successful people, they are healthy, we need to give an effort to be healthy. Punctuality is an essential component of becoming a successful person. Most of us put an alarm early in the morning only not to wake up when there are enthusiastic people who could manage to wake up early even without an alarm. We should try to maintain punctuality in every walks of our lives.

Work and entertainment were two distinct things in olden days. The most entertaining thing you can do then was watching movies in cinema halls but now you can access to movies and every entertaining program with just a click or a swipe. There was a clear line between work and entertainment. Nowadays it can get very confusing, whether we are doing some work or an entertainment. This is because of smartphone era where everything can be accessed. It will be great if we can make the best use of the media, like for listening to the word of God, to attain wisdom, etc.  We will try hard not to let us distract the unnecessary things from doing more important things in our lives and we will try to make the best use of them.

Reading the Bible and prayer are the two most crucial things in Christian life for me, yet they are the two most challenging things to do. We must ensure that we are mature enough in our Christian life, and well equipped with God’s armor to win the battle of faith anytime. So let us introspect how much time do I spend reading the Bible and in prayer.

Going to church and sharing time with the fellow believers, strengthening each other is also another important component of Christian life, even though there may be times we cannot attend the church or small group fellowships. We should have the desire to share the words of God and spend time together with each other, or else some things might be wrong in our faith.

We have eighty or ninety years to live on earth while taking care of what is needed for us during our stay in this world, which is temporal, we must make sure that our eternal life is secure. Just becoming a Christian and being saved is not enough for us the believer, we also need to think of the crown that we will receive when we get to heaven. It would be so embarrassing to have a small crown as a promised believers. So we should strive to be the best in whatever whether it is for the temporal or the eternal do be it for the temporal or the eternal. May we be the believers who have faith with actions.

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind, and your neighbor as yourself.” Luke 10:27 "

Content writing by

Mercy Chinghaukim.

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