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Sunday Worship | December 10, 2017 | 11.00 am

Elder Khamkhanpau Guite delivered his sermon on ‘God’s Eternal Plan Through Jesus Christ’ based on numerous portions from the Scripture. At the very outset he mentioned about a stomach cancer patient in Chennai who he wished for a speedy recovery. Yet, he was quite aware of the purpose at this very moment as he stood in the pulpit to share the word of God. He had celebrated Christmas for the past 50 years. He recounted his childhood memories when Christmas times came around. People were in celebrative mood and the joy of Christmas both spiritually and as a festival were beyond comparison.

Scientists and philosophers have been trying to unravel the mysteries surrounding the universe and beyond. But, they could never achieve it. God created Adam and Eve. Abraham was roughly calculated to have been born around 2200BC, Moses around 1446BC, Prophets around 1350BC which was followed by the silent period. After that Jesus Christ came to save us by coming to this world in the form of a human. Men had never been able to live a life pleasing to God by obeying the Law. They had to atone for their sins by offering sacrifices by killing animals but that were never appropriate. Men could never satisfy God for He demands complete righteousness.

As men could never satisfy God, Jesus Christ had to sacrifice Himself to atone for our sins. The complete righteousness demanded by God was fulfilled by Jesus Christ and His love covers and sufficient even the worst sinners. Jesus Christ left behind all His heavenly glory and came to this world all for His love. He had endured temptations but never yielded. The Law of Sinai was for the Israelites given in stone tablets and through Moses and it requires sacrifice for one’s sins and it could never fulfill God’s demands. However God’s grace was for all nations given in our hearts through Jesus Christ and it satisfies God.

Israel lies at the centre of the World. God chooses the Israelites to carry out his plan. Likewise, God demands a place in the core of our hearts. Let’s respond to God’s love and give a place in our hearts. There are only two options. Whether we continue to try to atone for our sins through sacrifice which is far from pleasing God or we reciprocate the love and sacrifice of Christ and trust and stand by it. Jesus Christ is the redeemer. Jesus Christ died at the right time when God’s righteousness and love meets. Jesus wants us to be in Him as He is in the Father.

~ Sumthanlian Suantak, Content Writer, EBCC Delhi.

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