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Gospel Music Fest / Session II / 27 Aug, 2017

EBCC Music Fest, 2017

II Session

Date: 27th August

Time: 2:30 PM

The second session of the Music fest began with Pastor Biakson leading the Worship Team and the congregation in a moment of Praise and Worship that was filled with joy and excitement. The songs were:

  1. Hong Un Vualngaihte Aw
  2. Lei leh Van Bawl Pa
  3. Phat Ding na ki Lawm hi Toupa

With the end of the last song, it was followed by mass prayer moment. After which Pastor Biakson and the Worship Team handed over the time to Rev. N. Pumsuanmung, Youth Coordinator of EBCC.

Tuilai-te Tuah: Buaina Leh Chouna

[Encounters of the Youth: Problems and Challenges]

 He began his sermon by bringing in the question of or the debate on the exact age limits of someone that would determine his/her inclusion into the fold of “Youth” (Tuailai). He says that according to the code book of BYF EBCC, those between the age group of 18-45 are considered as Tuailai (Youth). Then he moves on to talk about the aims of Youth Ministry and here he stress on the aspect of Praising and Worshiping God. He makes a distinction between worship, which is he says is something not visible and personal, and Praise, which he says is more visible and associate it with the act of praising God through songs. Other than this he also brings in different aspect that need to be kept in mind when one talks about the aims of youth ministry such as Evangelism, Discipleship, Fellowship and Service.

Before he moves on to his main points he reads out a bible verse from the book of 1 John 2: 15-17 which is... “15. Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16. For all that is in the world- the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life- is not of the Father but is of the world. 17. And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God abides forever.”  And he says that when one is troubled by the worldly things of our society and when they begin to question their faith because to those desires, going back and reading these verses is what one should do.

Now coming on to discuss about the main points for his sermon today, which is based on the theme “Problems and Challenges encountered by the Youths” he begins with what he calls as moral relativism. He says that some of first challenges are confusion about what is an absolute truth. Here he quotes a post-modern phrase “absolutely there is no absolute truth” and argues how this is confusing the youth and leading them away from the truth about God. Also he discuss about how in contemporary society new ideas such as relativism and gender equality are gaining popularity, which makes homosexuality alright. He also talks about the growing narcissism of the youth giving the example of “selfie”.

The second challenges that he talks about is on the issue of growing technological advancement that has made many of the youth technologically sophisticated and see their devices as mentors. He says that all though there are so many positive aspects of our devices and social media, what we have to be careful about, however, is the negative aspect of these devices which can hinder us in our daily responsibility and especially with our faith. The third challenges talk about is how we are witnessing a changing moral foundation, and how that scares him because what is good and bad, what is true and false and how it is measured is changing. He stress on the importance of Christian ethic and how we need to go back to this in order to bring change in our daily lives. Further what is also sad is how success and failure is measured in our society, where blessing is understood in terms of the material and worldly success of individual. The fourth obstacle that the youth of our society are encountering is in terms of the disillusionment and skepticism of one’s own Christian Faith, questioning the Bible and even the existence of God. He challenges the youth and question them whether they can defend their faith in their classrooms when the philosophical readings and teachings starts questioning the existence of their Christian faith. The last challenges that he want to convey to the youth is, the existence of dissatisfaction over an unlimited and never ending want. He says that in our society what we want is instant gratification and how and where do look for it? We search for it in the daily experience of trying to live like the celebrity of our society mainly by imitation. But then he says that we need to turn back and be content in what our Lord has given us. He says that we need to look back and find peace in our Christian faith.

He concludes his sermon with a prayer.

The programme than moves on to Special Praise and Worship moment, the list of performances are given as follows:-

  1. Khaiminlian – Kanan Zuan Ipai
  2. Biakhoih Shoute – Kikhen Omnaunlou Ding
  3. Grace Siamte – Toupa Hoih Hi
  4. Jamnunmawi – A Kiam Ngeilou Itna
  5. Blessed – Hih Chiang dong
  6. Communion – Forever & Rooftops
  7. The Meraki’s – Ka Zaitha & Ever be
  8. David Samte – Ka Toupa Phat Ning
  9. 4GIVEN – Nunna Thak & Once and For all
  10. Nemsiam – Lunglel Ke’n
  11. Muansiam Naulak – Light of the World

The programme came to its end with a word of thanks from Upa. Chinsum and the closing of the Gospel Music Festival 2017 by Pastor N Tuang Lang, in the name of the Lord, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit with the Pastor saying the closing Prayer and Benediction.

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