Worship Service Write-up

Worship Service Write-up |30 July 2017|

Brief Report of Sunday Evening Program (30.07.2017)

It is a Regular Service presided by Pastor Biakson. The Pastor greets the gatherings and, after reading the Scripture (?), committed the Service in the Lord’s hand.

The following songs were sung during the Service, led by the Worship Team:-

  • Lungkham Mangbanga Ka Om Lai In
  • Hon Taisan Hilou I Toupa In
  • Leitung Nuntakna
  • How Great Thou Art

Dedication of Tithes, Sunday Contributions and various offerings were done by Elder Khamkhanpau.

Elder Thianzakham announced the decision of the Local Committee the need to purchase a Vehicle (Alto Car) for the Pastor to be used in His ministry and with that distributed Pledge Card for the same, assisted by Elders of the Church. He added that willing members can also contribute generously for this project with or without the Pledge Card

Brief excerpt of Sharing made by the following people:-

  1. Lamthianmuan: He greets the gatherings and thank the Almighty and the Pastors for giving him the opportunity to share his testimony. He says that he received Salvation in the year 1997 through the sermon of Elder Zamkhothang (UPC) when the Lord spoke to him through the Scripture Romans 6: 1-5. However, for the next 20 years after he received salvation, he was busy in his world of work- study, working for his career, pursuing worldly things etc and completely ignored reading and meditating on the Bible. But in the beginning of this year he felt a sense of emptiness in his mind and a thirst for God. The news that the local church will be organizing Youth Camp in Feb. 2017 gave him a sense of hope. He resolved not to miss and attend it. He testify that God is faithful and trustworthy. During the Camp, through Evan. Damkhothang, God spoke to him afresh through the Scripture II Timothy 2:1-5, and he re-dedicated his life to Jesus. He exhort everyone in attendance to be a blessing for others especially to the non-believers and to read the Bible as the whole book is the love letter that we received from God, the Creator of all things on earth. Our God is a Living God and not a dead god.   He ended the sharing by a prayer.
  2. Awon Hangshing: She greets the gatherings, made a brief personal introduction and shares her testimony. She received Salvation in 2010. Going by the advice of parents and friends, she started preparing for Civil Services Exams after her graduation. But she could not relate this to her life as she has a burden to catch lost soul. Having no peace of mind while preparing for exams, she approached Pastors and Counselors for guidance who advised her to follow her heart. Since she finds happiness while giving counseling to friends and young ones, she wants to become Defender of Faith all her life.

She started her sharing by speaking about the importance  of the Bible. Although it is good and convenient to have the Bible App in each of our smart phone, it is a must for Believers to bring the Holy Bible itself with us everywhere we go, especially to Church, for the Bible is sacred and holy. She also shares that though we may do every good thing and lead an unblemished life, it is a waste and of no worth if we do not believe in Jesus. We are lucky that we have Pastors and Elders to talk to if we have problems spiritually and emotionally and one should make the most of it.

She continued sharing the following points, based on I John 2:3-23, 3:3 and I Corinthian 6:12-20:-

  1. Our action should reflect our faith.
  2. We should love our brothers
  3. We should not love the world
  4. Born again Christian need Fellowship
  5. God never fails
  6. To Be Righteous as Jesus is Righteous
  7. To Be Holy
  8. To Be Faithful in Relationship

As is usually done at the end of the month, Pastor Biakson prayed for the members gathered  after reading the Scripture Psalm 67:1:-

Prayer/Praise  Points-

  1. Prayer for those in grieve -who have lost their loved ones in recent weeks or in the past during the month of July and for spiritual strengthening and physical well being.
  2. Thanksgiving for members for which July is a month of receiving Salvation/Baptism, getting a job, Wedding Anniversary and Birthday

    Elder Tuanmuanthang closed the Service by benediction.


Content writen,

Goulian Vualzong

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