Worship Service Write-up

Worship Service Write-up | 9 July 2017|

The following is an excerpt of the sermon by Pastor Biakson.


Good works and being righteous

We are Christ’s workmanship, created with passion, a work of Art. Being a born again is not just a ticket to Heaven, but a journey of being goodness reflecting the values of Christ in our life. At the end of the day, we reap what we sow and our eternity lies in the way we live our life. The Bible teaches us to hunt opportunities where we can do good work, for that is the sole purpose of our life.

However doing good works without Christ is hollow and incomplete. (Eph 2:1-5, John 3:3-6, 1Pet 1:23, 2 Cor 5:17)

  • Fruitless (barren and short lived)
  • Delusional and oblivious
  • Pitiful and insignificant to Him

What is Good works?

Good works is the backbone for both Abrahamic and Dharmic religion. This common religious value is preached and practiced in all over the world. However the way they are interpreted varies setting Christianity apart from the other religions. For Christians doing Good work is a communion with the Lord. It is not just the act of doing, but living a life of goodness.

Spurgeon’s note on Good work

  • Works of obedience (obeying the commands of the Scripture)
  • Works of Love (Love for God and our fellow men, with an eye on God’s glory)
  • Works of Faith ( All that we do in reliance upon God and His promises)
  • Acts of common life ( Everything we do on God’s glory)



The Good works in inclusive to every human on earth, we should pray for our brothers in Christ. We should be gentle and kind to everyone… and help our brother/sister in Christ to achieve the meekness of Christ.


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