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Silver Jubilee Report - 23 June 2017

June 23, 2017 (Sintawpni)

I. Interaction with Pastors’ Prayer Fellowship_Delhi (PPF-D) (9:30 AM – 2:00 PM):
Facilitators : Pastor T Tunson & Upa (Dr) B Langkham

# Biakna & Phatna Pastor H Biakson in makaih in paikhawm te’n “A sangzaw lam…..” sakkhawmna nei.
# Mellahna hun ah PPF-D sung leh Church/Fellowship tuamtuam apan Pastor leh Executive member 20 val melmuhtheih in om hi.
# Presentation on ‘Challenges and Opportunities of City Pastors; Future Prospect of City Churches’ – Resource Person: Rev V Nenglian, DS (LSD) –

Laisiangthou tangtel: Gal. 6: 7-8

Some major issues around us:

  1. Urbanization – cultural integration
  2. The Post-modernism influence
  3. Sexual revolution
  4. Abuse of power, human rights & degradation of human values
  5. Hi-tech entertainment world V/s unchanging church service
  6. Relevance of the Church in social aspect
  7. Denominational identity – institutional V/s informal
  8. Relativism V/s absolutism
  9. Influence of social media network

Challenges of City Pastors:

  1. Spiritual care – lack of psychological & emotional care
  2. Competency – administration & communication skills
  3. Management – finance & time factor
  4. A new work-life balance
  5. Children’s education
  6. Consumer Christianity
  7. Culture of media & relativism
  8. Transforming converts into worshippers-witnesses
  9. Working relationship with Pastors/Elders in other churches/fellowships

Opportunities of City Pastors:

  1. Availability of resources & funds
  2. Surrounded by intellectuals & experienced
  3. Access to latest hi-tech advances
  4. Social media advantage
  5. Family oriented ministry
  6. Greater influence on young but highly educated
  7. Access to international level activities
  8. Impart Biblical spirituality
  9. Establish true and lively worship
  10. Missional advantage of greater & effective evangelization


  1. What would be the biggest challenge for you as a City Pastor?
  2. Are the opportunities we have as City Pastors rightly benefit the Church? How?


  1. Denominationalism
  2. Synchronized beliefs
  3. Place of worship
  4. Time constraint
  5. Communication & connectivity
  6. Religious forces from other faiths
  7. Laws of the land
  8. Secularism & evangelization
  9. Partnership - cooperation & coordination with other churches/agencies

Future Prospect of City Churches:

Shaping a Model Church –

  1. Worshipping Church: Worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:24)
  2. Witnessing Church: Witnessing Christ in words and deeds (Acts 1:8; Mat.28:19)
  3. Caring Church: Prioritize spiritual nurturing – reach out those left-outs
  4. Organized Church: Every activity should be well-planned and organized based on love & commitment


A. Encourage brotherhood of all believers -

  1. Focus on the common things we have
  2. Can we adopt a joint venture once in a year?

B. Actively involve in nation building –

  1. Can we participate in some government schemes or projects?
  2. Train responsible citizens


  1. What do you think is the greatest challenge facing the Church today in Indian major cities?
  2. What would be the image of city churches in 10 years from now – a new Kingdom-Community OR a new multi-cultured community?

Resource Person in presentation a neih zoh in paikhawmte group 3 a kikhen in discussion hun zat hi a, tua zoh in amaute’ muhdan presentation hun ah hiai bang report pia uhi:-
Group 1: Memberte nak zawsem a reach out kul; huai dia taksa a kithuahpih a vanzat tuamtuam phone, facebook, etc tungtawn a nasa zawsem a panlak ding; Pastor te’n personal discipline, salam leh khalam a, naksem a neih kul.

Group 2: Kal khat a biakkhawmna khatvei kia kinei thei, huai hun a hong kikhawm theilou tampi omlai; huaite nasa zawsem a reach out kul petmah; laws of land zahtak ding chih diksa, a huchih kawm a i thugin kingakna a thupipen a koih ding; Pathian thu ahidan/ahihna tak a gen ngam ding.

Group 3: Christian by birth, not by conviction tampi kihi, hiai pen challenge thupipen hilou hiam? Naupangte’ khalam khanna ding thupingaih sem kul sa, hiai lou a ki gammang petmah thei ding ahi.


Hiai hunzat masa neih zoh in TBSUC, EBCC Delhi inteekna in inlam apan hong hawh heutute leh PPF-D apan hong paikhawm te sun-ann (lunch) nekpihna basement ah neih ahi.


June 23, 2017 (Sintawpni)(Nitak)

* Hiai nitak in Area tuamtuam a kikhen in Delhi khosung mun 5 (nga) ah heutu hong zin te hawmlual in Pathian biakkhawmna (fellowship) neihpih hi a, nuam leh manpha tak a kizang chiat ahi chih akuapeuh apan zak ahi hi.

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